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Atlas Medical Marketing

Atlas Medical Marketing is a Digital Agency Built By a Physician, For Physicians.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around ROI:

Atlas deploys medical marketing strategies that are evergreen and at the industry’s standard. What’s more; we make it our mission to make sure that your practice grows – explosively. With ROI Driven Patient Acquisition strategies, you’ll know exactly where your marketing dollars are being spent.

Our Awesome Team

Matthew Olesiak, MD

Matthew Olesiak, MD

Founder & CEO

Matthew Olesiak obtained his medical degree and continued to pursue his passion for bettering the medical industry soon after.

Our Values

Atlas Medical Marketing values the Physician and Patient relationship at each step of their journey.


It’s not enough to simply set up and run a marketing campaign. We diligently assess what the physician and/or group of doctors really needs in order to grow a healthy practice.


Know where your marketing dollars are going. Period. We educate our clients and partners on where their marketing budget is being put to use and why.


No practice is made equal and the same can be said about medical practices. We consistently test and adapt our strategies to place you, the physician and business owner, in the best possible position to win.

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