Frequently Asked Questions

Curious as to what Medical Marketing is? Check out our FAQ’s Below!

General Questions

What is Geo-Conquesting?

Geo-Conquesting uses proprietary technology to target your ideal customer (or patient) population on their mobile phones. We can help your business (practice) advertise while patient’s sit in your direct competitor’s offices!

What kind of "SEO" Do You Do?

Our SEO strategies are evergreen and industry standard. We work on your websites On-Page SEO, provide backlinking strategies, and deploy all White-Hat SEO Strategies.

Can You Optimize Google My Business Listings?

Yes! Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is sometimes the very first thing prospects see when looking for your place of business – if the SEO behind it is done correctly. This is a cornerstone strategy of ours.

Medical Marketing Specifics

Are there any specialties off-limits?

Not at all! From cosmetic surgery to pediatrics and dentistry, no medical specialty is off-limits for Atlas.

Does my practice need SEO?

Yes! It’s not enough to simply produce a nice website and fill it with content. With the right SEO strategies, not only will your content be found, but your practice will help bring you new patients.

What if my practice has more than one location?

We frequently interact with practices with several locations in one city or neighboring cities. If this is the case for you, we are more than capable to take care of each practice location as an individual business or all of your locations at once!

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