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Atlas Medical Marketing Provides the Total Spectrum of Digital Marketing Services for Medical Practices in Every Specialty and Sub-Specialty.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Practice?

If you’re like the majority of medical practices that is producing content like a machine but can’t seem to book new patients or consultations, you’re not alone. The key to driving more traffic to your practice comes from a total strategy that involves content marketing, website analytics, and hyper-targeted patient acquisition.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Your practice and your brand is everything. Don’t let the ‘other guys’ down the road beat you!

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Building a strong brand and brand-name behind your medical practice can be the difference between a successful physician and a mediocre doctor.

It is important to have your practice become a brand that is hard to forget, much desired to be a part of, and household name.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing across multiple platforms is NOT something you want to miss!

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Just like not every practice is made equal, each social media platform is unique to the end user, meaning patients.

Some social media platforms are great for brand awareness, others for education, and the remainder are excellent tools for building your practice as a business. 

Audience Analytics

Know who and what your best performing marketing campaigns are! Numbers Don’t Lie.

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Understanding your audience (patient population) as they relate to your medical marketing efforts is absolutely crucial in building a successful practice.

Atlas makes it a point to walk every client and partner through the data and analytics in order to create digestible and actionable pieces of information.

When was the last time your practice took a look at the marketing analytics you have, and compared them to your patient population or case load?

Search Engine Optimization

Successful Medical Marketing Strategies are Simply Built From a STRONG SEO Foundation.

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Before the big event that was the internet bubble and Google became a search engine we all depend on, the Yellow Pages existed.

Now, as we’re entering the strongest and most prominent wave of the digital age, it is absolutely paramount that your medical practice has SEO strategies that are above board.

SEO (the digital age Yellow Pages) done correctly and in a cost-effective manner, will make or break a successful practice and it’s growth.

Copywriting & Strategy

Copywriting is hard. What’s the point of producing content if it’s not read or illicit’s an emotion?

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Being able to write content that is both educational and easy to understand in the medical space is extremely difficult. 

That is why at Atlas, we strive to marry both worlds of medical education and copywriting in order to not only educate your present patient population, but encourage new patients to come in and see you!


Target your ideal patient’s legally and ehtically, while they’re sitting in your competitors location.

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GEO-Conquesting is a strategy that utilizes a proprietary technology which enables medical practices to aquire new patients.

This technology is an Atlas Medical Marketing partner! Imagine targeting your ideal patients while they’re sitting in the competitions office!

We’re not only able to hone in on these ideal patients but we’re also able to follow them around on their mobile devices – wherever they go!

Some would consider this an unfair advantage, but we think it’s a gamechanger that you deserve to have!

Website Development

Beautiful websites that bridge the gap between brand awareness and patient education.

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Take a look at your medical practice’s website. How does it look and feel? 

If you were a patient, how easy is it for you to contact the physician or get in touch with the admin staff if you needed to?

These are questions among many, that enable a properly developed website for a medical practice to function at its optimum levels.

Email Marketing

Did you know that you’re sitting on a revenue generating goldmine? It’s your e-mail list!

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Is your medical practice collecting emails the same way that you’re developing patient charts? 

If you’re not, then you need to start doing so!

Many times, medical practices will ask us “what more could we do to help grow our practice?” and the answer is always sitting right in their computers already!

If you have a fee-for-service or cash based procedure to offer your current patients, the most effective way to reach them is through emailing them!

Email marketing is an art and science mixed with copywriting skills. An email, composed correctly, will bring you more businesses almost as quickly as pressing the ‘send’ button!

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